Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Saturday of Singing and Wrestling

This month was pretty heavy with Year of Yes action. So much so that I've felt a bit overwhelmed with all these projects, fun as they might be. Irish Peddlers is done for now (although we could very well return!), and this Saturday marks two other performances that are worth noting...

1) In conjunction with Jen365's blog, I'll be doing a bit of the song and dance for a Big Splashy Musical. I don't want to give away any surprises, but if you come over to the Peoples Improv Theatre at 11 p.m., you'll have a good time. Or you can buy tickets here.

2) Afterwards, what better way to start off Easter than with some good old-fashioned comedy wrestling? I'll be over at the UCBW Arena at midnight for the biggest pay-per-view event of the year, WrestleSlamMania III. As always has all the info-mation on the PPV.

PS: Please keep the comments coming on the last post about eating - it's a pretty interesting discussion. Incidentally, last night we took Sarah out for her birthday dinner and went to a vegeterian restaurant. Again, delicious.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about eating lately, specifically, my terrible diet and what I should do about it.

These troublesome thoughts started when I took Lynn out to a nice vegetarian restaurant (she's a vegan) for her birthday. The food was pretty good - fancier than anything I'm used to or could ever hope to make, but very enjoyable. And if it's vegan, it's good for you, right?

Then on Friday, Sarah (also a vegan) and I made a vegetable stir fry dinner, and it was also very tasty. I couldn't stop thinking about how damn healthy this was for me, and if I ate like this more often... or all the time... then surely my life would become fantastic.

We also made vegan brownies, which are just as good as regular ones. I could eat those all day long, and since they're vegan, they're good for you.

After Saturday's Irish Peddlers rehearsal, I was so effing hungry. Being in the East Village, I stopped into Paul's Palace (a famous burger joint) for a bacon cheeseburger. There's a review on the wall that says something like, "Sometimes you just want a burger," and I was like, "Yeah, I do. I DO want a burger."

This was a bit of a bad idea. Cheeseburgers are such a terrible vice (Comic Book Guy: "Loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix."), they're delicious, but so bad for you. I felt full and gross for the rest of the day. Maybe I just ate too much (my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach), or maybe my body was saying, "Go back to the stir fry, idiot."

Whatever the case, that got me seriously thinking maybe I should change my diet. After all, it's the Year of Yes... although I'm not quite sure what I'm Yessing in this situation.

And then I got some advice from the man himself, Gordon Ramsay (one of my favorite people on TV ever). On Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he asked someone, "You're a vegetarian? Why would you put yourself through that?" And I had to admit he makes a good point. Not only is he a chef, so he knows what he's talking about, but he's also on TV.

I was thinking about it all throughout Sunday's rehearsals, and when I got home, I was effing starving again (I'm almost always effing starving), so I bought one of those hot pastrami sandwiches they're promoting at Subway.

I eat at Subway a lot, much more than anyone who isn't Jared should, but it's quick and easy and cheap and, most importantly, it's right by my apartment.

I'd like to say the hot pastrami sandwich was an experiment - if it made me sick (and it probably would), that'd be a sign I should ease up on the crap. But really, I just wanted to try it.

And damn... it was GOOD. Maybe I was just starving, but seriously, I'm not kidding when I say it belongs in one of the Top Ten Meals I've Ever Eaten. Reading that sentence, I think it must've been because I was just so damn hungry.

Anyway, the jury's still out on this whole diet thing. But I AM thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Heart Role-Playing Games

Last week, Jessie Cantrell put out a call for people who play role-playing games to do an interview about the passing of Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax.

This is exactly what I'd hoped the Year of Yes would be about, so I rounded up some of the folks I game with, went out to Forbidden Planet for an afternoon, and did the interview.

I should backtrack a little.

Since moving here five years ago, the lack of tabletop RPGs has caused a depressing hole in my life. That sounds nerdy, but it's true.

It's one of the things I miss most about Florida, and I feel a ridiculously strong bond with the people who stood by my side fighting monsters. (Incidentally, one of the guys I used to game with had a baby yesterday. Congrats, Andoran.)

Gaming in New York isn't easy. Finding a space is a problem, since most NYC apartments are small, and scheduling is a nightmare. Considering the people I associate with perform or rehearse at least two nights a week, it's almost impossible to get a game going.

So when some acquaintances mentioned starting up an RPG, I jumped at the chance to join. Not that I need to add another thing to my plate, but damn if it doesn't feel good to roll the dice and be a hero again.

Year of Yes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Song of the Irish Peddler

About a month ago, Terry forwarded me somebody's request for musicians. Specifically, they were looking for a banjo player and an accordionist.

Now I don't know anything about banjos, but as I've mentioned before, I can sort of play the accordion. So I responded.

Year of Yes, you know.

And that's how I became a member of the fictional folk band The Irish Peddlers, who will be appearing in a show called "The Song of the Irish Peddler" this St. Patrick's Day.

I was actually pretty nervous going into that first rehearsal, because I didn't want everyone to think that I suck and then get kicked out of the band.

I don't normally publicly demonstrate skills that I'm insecure about (I guess most people don't). I'm usually very comfortable on stage or in front of a camera, but when I'm in a room full of musicians... not so much.

But it was a good Year of Yes task - playing accordion in front of other people is the only way I'm gonna ever get comfortable playing, right?

And it's been a lot of fun so far. Very challenging, definitely, but I'm exercising a part of my brain (and my hands and forearms) that I don't normally get to.

And the feeling I get from making music with people... it's pretty great. That sounds dumb, but you really get connected with each other. And it's not just listening, it's watching when strings are gonna get hit or chords are gonna be changed. Music is more than just the audible.

Anyway, I have a show on Monday. If you have no plans for St. Patrick's Day, here is one of many possibilities.

The Song of the Irish Peddler
book by BJ Gallagher, music by Chris Caniglia
Monday, March 17 at 9:30 p.m.
The Peoples Improv Theater
154 W. 29th Street (west of 7th Ave.), 2nd floor

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sleep Regimen (Redux)

I've been going to sleep later and later every day since the regimen ended, and yesterday it finally caught up with me.

Around mid-afternoon, I got hit with the Zonk Ray... weak, achey, tired, felt like the flu, but luckily it wasn't, it was just being tired. And the headaches are starting to creep up on me again.

Last night I was pretty good and made it to bed by 12:15, but I think I have to go back on the regimen for another two weeks, because feeling like this is pretty lame-ass.

It kind of sucks, I'm an adult and feel that it's silly/embarrassing to have a self-imposed bedtime, but...